LaserCam Fabrication Inc.

LaserCAM Fabrication Inc. is a contract manufacturing service providing computer controlled sheet metal laser cutting and forming technologies to Vancouver Island, British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest. We are a technology forward company seeking to bring proven, reliable and modern manufacturing technologies to the PNW. Our goal is to bring value to the fabrication process by consolidating the steps of layout, shearing, punching, notching and deburring into a single cost effective cutting process via computer aided manufacturing software (the CAM in LaserCAM), computer controlled laser cutting equipment and then supporting that precision with repeatable, precise CNC controlled forming. In keeping with modern technological capabilities, we aim to have a comprehensive e-platform that will allow customers to download CAD drawings, receive quotes and schedule production all electronically. While the initial website will be little more than a landing page and means of contact the full scope includes comprehensive e-commerce capabilities
  • Aluminum
  • Custom
  • Mild Steel
  • Stainless Steel